Can Limbo Overdrive be a compressor??

Sometimes hidden feature discovered after 2 years.

When I was making screenshots from oscilloscope to explain how Limbo works, then I noticed the signal curve is very close to compressor signal output. I didn't notice that because I have never tested triangle wave as input signal. It's time for experiment!

Limbo compressor

This is actual screenshot of oscilloscope.

Green is input, yellow is output signal. As you see, by using low threshold setting of Positive and Negative and low Drive setting, Limbo will act as compressor.

Drive determine how steep the signal before it gets threshold.

Positive / Negative determines compress ratio and threshold level (lower threshold = more compress).

It is basically colored compressor not transparent, but I can feel compressed sound when I try this setting! Even you can try asymmetrical half-compressed sound if you set only one side and let other side open.

I see some phase delay in the picture that means it has (probably fixed) some attack and release time. At this point I haven't figured out 100% yet.

Anyway if you haven't tried this before, it's worth to try!


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