Coming up products for NAMM 2018

New Products

For NAMM 2018, I'm finalizing two products which are "Black Wooden Tube" and "Artificial Reflection". Just like other Nunomo pedals, both are pretty unique.

Black Wooden Tube

Clean sound tweaking, more than EQ with phase modulated harmonic distortion.

After I made crazy Grain pedal, my ear wants to take a rest and looking for great clean tone. Black Wooden Tube pedal is basically LPF (like tone knob) but it does much more inside. It does EQ and also distorts amount of phase shift that adds extra harmonic distortion, gently (Don't imagine the sound of phaser pedals. They modify phase much more and amount of phase shifting is controlled by LFO to make funky cool sound). In result the sound becomes silky but still has some high. This phase modulated distortion is totally unique feature of the pedal.

Also you can get low cut tone by turning Filter dial clockwise. It works like mix control of neck and bridge pickups. This pedal is designed for guitar and bass players. It can get FAT bass sound when turning up Gain In control, and you can control presence by turning Filter and Rolloff dials.


  • Filter knob controls LPF and Phase Harmonic distortion depth
  • Rolloff knob controls entire depth of LPF
  • Gain In knob controls gain of input. 
  • Designed for guitar and bass players

Artificial Reflection Delay

Let digital do their strength. Let analog do their strength.

Artificial Reflection Delay is our first digital pedal. I made it because I wanted to harvest good part of digital and analog both world. Natural feedback tone of Analog delay and higher and accurate sampling rate of Digital delay. 

Digital is just doing time shifting management and digital Fx. Feedback circuit and Mix circuit is 100% analog. Unique feedback circuit adds very natural and organic feedback tone (despite the its name).

I wrote software code from scratch for the pedal in order to avoid any of digital-ish sound.

I put two extra foot switches on this pedal. One adds extra feedback when you press it. Another one is digital Fx. It can change its functionality. One mode is Feedback Softkill. Pedal stops playback when you press the switch. It's useful feature when you want to make kind of tremolo feeling sound or clean up feedback sound (Sometimes sound can get muddy especially when feedback setting is so high). In another mode, feedback playing speed slows down little, that makes unstable feeling like broken tape recorder.


  • Time, Feedback and Mix control
  • Digital time shift and Analog feedback circuit
  • Tap Tempo button
  • Extra Feedback footswitch
  • Digital Fx Footswitch (Softkill or slowdown playback)
  • 100% Original software to archive the best tone.


Both products will be available at NAMM!




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