Limbo Overdrive

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A premium sound quality overdrive. Now you can change how to clip the signal. Totally unique and innovative circuit. 

There are so many Overdrive Pedals in the market these days. Limbo is one of these, but it has a very unique feature, that is a variable clipping voltage control.

Some other overdrive pedals offer to change the method of clipping. For example, changing the clipping device from Si to Germ, FET, Op-amp, and asymmetrical or symmetrical. 

Limbo takes a totally different approach. Nunomo's unique circuit gives the user ability to change clipping voltage seamlessly. You can change its clipping voltage from low to high, until it hits Op-amp's clipping voltage, by turning control knobs.

There are two dials to control it, one is Positive, another is Negative. This means you can set it to symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping as well. Typically, the sound goes sharper, creates more headroom, and increases the volume when the clipping voltage is high. When the clipping voltage is low, the sound becomes more rounded and more mid-focused, and the volume goes down. If you set it to asymmetrical clipping, you will hear a mix of these sounds (which is good for the blues sound). It is such a versatile pedal, and no other pedals have this feature.

Signal 1

Here are some example of wave screenshot. This picture shows how Limbo clips the input signal. I use triangle as input signal. When Positive and Negative are wide open(fully turn to counter clockwise), then Clipping shoulder is sharp.

Clipping image 2

Then let's turn Negative knob. As you see, clipping threshold goes lower and also shoulder becomes significantly milder.

Clipping signal image 3

Above figure shows when I turn Positive and Negative to the end (Fully turn to clockwise). Oscilloscope vertical range adjusted for convenience. Now both ends clips gently. Since it's dials not switches, you can choose how to clip your signal anywhere between.

Since it can change clipping shoulder sharpness seamlessly, it can be used as compressor. See below picture and this article for detail.

Along with clipping control knobs, it also has Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs as other overdrive pedals. We carefully designed the tone section and the drive section to make the sound well balanced. In order to keep a wide range of sound pallet, we kept the sound character as close to transparent.

Limbo is not a super-high-gain distortion pedal. The pedal is designed for Blues to Rock.

It's assembled and hand-painted in California, USA. 

Nunomo has a one-week return policy. 

Item will be shipped in two weeks.

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