QUN mk2 Synthesizer

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Qun mk2 is a powerful and unique pocket synthesizer with sequencer and looper.

Normally cheap synthesizers don't have full flexibility because of hardware limitations.

I was dreaming if I can get a small synth that has full flexibility of the real synth with an affordable price tag. Qun mk1 was the synth.

Mk2 receives big improvement from mk1 by adding LED buttons and external processor for UI processing. SD card support is added.

Once you get used to it, it will be so powerful and it will provide tons of flexibility. It is a real synth, not preset machine.

If you are looking for pocket music sketch tool, this is it.


  • Connectivity: Standard MIDI, line in, phone out
  • Analog Modeling engine

    • The analog modeling engine is made from scratch.
    • All analog modeling engine parameters can be configured through MIDI.
    • 2 Oscillators, 2 voices. It can be used as Quad tone (4 voices) or Dual Mono.
    • Flexible MOD (CV) routing. The signal routing is very flexible, close to modular synthesizer experience. You can route signals as normal, or totally radical.
    • AUX input can be used for external audio signal, or for modulation.
    • 4 Envelove Generators
    • FM (4 Operators x 2)
    • 1 LFO, rate can be controlled by MIDI notes
    • 1 Organic sounding VCF
      • 2/4 Poles, Low-pass, Band-pass, High-pass, Notch)
      • Keysync
    • 1 Effect (Delay, Chorus, Flanger)
    • MIDI clock sync and beat clock sync
    • Wavefolding.
  • Granular synthesis
    • Oscillators can be used as a granular synthesis engine.
  • Player / Sequencer

    • Player (Piano mode)
    • Mind inspiring 64 step sequencer will generate beats for you
      • Note On/Off/Double/Triple
      • Transpose / Note width(Length)
      • Randomness control
      • Pattern shuffler / Step repeat
      • Scale quantize
      • Arpeggiate steps
    • Looper 
      • Looper can record the sound up to 24 sec per recording, synchronized with the sequencer.

      • 3 tracks
      • 5 Scenes (3x5 = 15 recordings per session)
      • Play / Rec / Overdub

    • Preset bucket
      • Preset bucket is made for quick preset recall
      • It has 8 bucket per session, each bucket has 8 presets and 64 sequencer pattern
    • Mixer
      • 3 tracks, stereo panning
      • Mute buttons
      • Extra processing mode allows to use the sound engine as a stereo effector.
      • Integrated compressor
    • SD card
      • Saving recording sessions
      • Saving preset data with sequencer patterns
      • All recorded data is saved to SD card, you can import the data to your DAW
      • You can import WAV files to Looper granular
      • Firmware update via SD card

For the completed manual and other resources, please visit https://github.com/raspy135/Qun-mk2 .


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